To ensure social and economic empowerment within the communities in which we serve. To bring hope of increase and success through models of social enterprises, housing and business opportunities.


Chief Executive Officer

 Mark C. McGuire, Sr.


Organizational Information


The Potter’s House-Dayton Economic Development Corporation (TPHD E.D.C.) is a state of Ohio charted non-profit community development corporation with section 905 status. TPHD E.D.C. is a non-profit entity, currently operating under the umbrella of the The Potter’s House-Dayton International Minstries, Inc., the non-profit tax exempt parent organization.


TPH Economic Development Corporation was formed for the purpose of improving the quality of life for low to moderate income community residents. The goal is to help people transition from dependency to self-sufficiency, in Christ.

TPHD E.D.C. works to benefit the residents of Dayton through housing, education, and organizational sponsored programs that address social and economic needs.


The organization has served the community since 2004 by providing single family housing, and economic empowerment to low to moderate income residents in the Dayton area.

TPHD E.D.C. empowers low-income residents by providing financial management seminars focused on getting out of debt, credit counseling, saving for the future, business start-up and home buying.


The initial Strategy of Resident Improvement for TPHDIM, E.D.C. is through social Enterprising. Using Corporate and Commercial Techniques and Strategies to maximize improvements in human, environmental and cultural well-being, looking to have optimal social impact beyond any level of financial profit for external stakeholders.


Also, by providing employment opportunities for individuals classified in the at-risk sections of the community; including but not limited to long-term unemployed workers, historically informally paid persons, and marginalized groups- TPHD E.D.C. hopes to help address some of the social pathos by creating job training and experiences and to help dissipate the continuation of social exclusion.


The major activity of the organization is to undertake various affordable housing activities including acquisition, rehabilitation, and new construction. In addition, the organization will focus on the critical housing needs of the following groups: low to moderate income families, families with physically or mentally disabled members, independent living for senior citizens, and single person heads of households. Anticipated housing development will include transitional, senior, and market rate units.


The activities will be within the City of Dayton, primarily in the inner west, and southwest priority boards. This organsm will address affordable housing needs at the local level, and create partnerships among federal, state and local governments and those in the for-profit sectors, but most importantly, it will support our efforts to reduce the amount of poverty by expanding affordable housing choices in non-poverty areas.


TPHD E.D.C. is in the acquisition stage of the housing rehabilitation and development process. The target area for development is located in west Dayton, between Third St. (north boundary line), Nicholas Rd. (south boundary line), Edwin C. Moses Blvd. (east boundary line), and Gettysburg Ave. (west boundary line). The radius of the area is approximately four mile, and is in need of economic development containing low to moderate income residents living in apartments, small ranches and/or duplex, two story type homes.


Many homes in the area have been abandoned and many are on the market for sale. Transient population is quite high. In addition, located within this radius are City of Dayton Parks, Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Centers.

TPHD E.D.C. envisions developing new affordable low to moderate income housing, child care facilities for area residents, housing for displaced youth and transitional housing.


Lastly, the E.D.C. aspires to inspire, train, create, and nurture the Entrepreneurial spirit within residents of Dayton, Ohio. With Re-Investing and Philanthropy, TPHD E.D.C. plans to assist members of the community in helping to revitalize the aforementioned areas and neighborhoods-through diverse strategies and a plethora of incentivised opportunities.