Pastor Ken Moss – Senior Pastor

       Pastor Moss serves as the Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House – Dayton International Ministries where The Bishop, Dr. Mark C. McGuire, Sr., is the Founder and President of the Board of Directors. Pastor Ken Moss is married to the phenomenal Lady Isabelle, and they have two young sons, Prince Sharik and Prince Josue. Together, they have served the Dayton community in various capacities over the years as a son, brother, elder, trainer, coach and mentor to many men and women who have been impacted by poverty and the Criminal Justice System both at the State and Federal levels. Pastor Ken served as Associate Pastor to Senior Pastor Michael Payne of Everybody’s Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church  for seven years prior to being released to answer the call to join Bishop Mark C. McGuire Sr., at the Potter’s House Dayton Campus in 2011. In 2014  Ken Moss was ordained as an Elder with the Potter’s House, and on March 18, 2018 Elder and Lady Moss accepted his call to be Campus Pastor of the Potter’s House Dayton International Ministries. As Pastor, Pastor Ken continues to serve as a volunteer Chaplain and Reentry Mentor, and Community resource with the State of Ohio’s Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections; and the Montgomery County Jail where he has served consistently over the last 16 years.

As Co-founder and Director of Reentry Connect (a returning citizen support group) originally started with Think Tank, Inc Pastor Moss now serves as coach, facilitator and mentor creating leaders and change agents throughout the Miami Valley and the State of Ohio.  In line with the vision and mission of the Potter’s House Dayton International Ministries, with his colleagues at Think Tank together, they continue their efforts in developing training and community engagement models that have been designed to build collaborative approaches to addressing poverty and prevailing social challenges across our nation. At the core of their mission and woven throughout their work is the belief that intentional, authentic relationships drive change. Pastor Moss’ training and consulting aims to ignite passion and invite participants and parishioners to engage in relationships that span socioeconomic, racial, or cultural boundaries in order to build thriving communities. It is also a community building model developed to connect returning citizens and community members in dynamic relationships that create mindset shifts and promote personal and community growth. At the Potter’s House Dayton International Ministries it’s our biblical mandate to Worship on the go, use words if you have too! Pastor Ken Co-Founded The Ohio Association of Formerly Incarcerated Offenders Inc in 2010.  The mission of the organization is to elevate the voice of previously incarcerated individuals with those in our Judiciary System, Legislators and Policy Makers to challenge perceptions and change systems to lower recidivism throughout the State of Ohio and the United States of America. Pastor Moss currently works with and sit’s as a mentor and reentry advocate with the United States Southern District Federal Reentry Court, where the Honorable Judge Walter H. Rice, The Honorable Magistrate Judge Sharon Ovington, The Honorable Magistrate Judge Michael J. Newman and The Honorable Judge Thomas M. Rose presides.
In 2016 Pastor Moss was selected as one of 20 cohort members from around the Country to participate in JustLeadershipUSA (JLUSA) second annual 12 month “Leading With Conviction” Personal Development program! This training was designed on the principle that “The most compelling advocates of criminal and juvenile justice reform policy change are those who have been directly affected by incarceration.” It’s here where it’s said: “Those that are closest to the problem are the closest to the solutions, yet without power and resources”.
Pastor Ken, Lady Isabel are proud residents of Dayton, Ohio. Pastor Ken graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminology from California Creek University in 2011. and holds a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Certificate, along with many other certifications and awards.  Pastor is currently pursuing his Master’s in Criminal Justice and Biblical Theology. Pastor Ken is grateful to his Spiritual Father, The Bishop Dr. Mark C McGuire, Sr., and his spiritual grandparents in the ministry:  Bishop Vaughn and Lady Narlene McLaughlin Senior Pastors of The Potter’s House International Ministries in Jacksonville Florida for this opportunity to be a part of such elite group of godly men and women making a difference across this great country and around the world.