Word of God is invaluable, along with the “voice” that God has chosen and anointed to deliver life changing and dynamic messages and lessons throughout the year; year after year.
A seed sown into the life and voice of our man of God is not only wise, but a “sweet fragrance” unto God. Take this opportunity to sow, pray, believe and apply the Word spoken and expect a great harvest.
(Philippians 4:19-20 AMP)
There are also a few times a year that you can consider sowing intentionally into the life of our Bishop and Pastor Moss. If you were to sow $1000 per opportunity, it would not pay for the priceless sacrifice, preaching, teaching, and love that they have been graced to share.
So, if you sow $1 or $1 Million, it is not about the amount,
but about the weight.
(Sacrificial Giving)
You can sow through cash app
Bishop Mark C. McGuire, Sr.
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Below are other special opportunities for an intentional “Precious Seed” to be sown… HEAR GOD and OBEY!
(Ecclesiates 11:4-6 AMP)
Birthday (Feb)
February 8th Lady Isabel Moss
February 9th Pastor Ken Moss
Founders Day February 12th
Bishop Mark C. McGuire, Sr. Pastoral Anniversary (24 years)
Pastor’s Anniversary (March)
Pastor and Lady Ken Moss Pastoral Anniversary March 18th (5 years)
Father’s Day (Jun)
Pastor’s Appreciation (Oct)
Christmas (Dec)
Any day of the year is a great day to sow a seed of a “Sweet Fragrance”.