Who Is Bishop McGuire?



Bishop Mark C. McGuire Sr., started at St. Paul Baptist Church in the summer of 2000 and worked in different capacities of the church.  He started as the worship leader, as well as the janitor. At that time there were approximately eight active members and Rev. John H. Rice was the pastor, who continued to serve as our Pastor Emeritus until he went home to be with our Lord. Bishop Mark C. McGuire, Sr. became the Senior Pastor of the church in February of 2001 and the Assistant Pastor was Velma J. Anderson, who served in that capacity, along with Asst. Pastor/Elder John C. Allen and Dr. Beverly T. Daniels. Over a two year period, St. Paul Baptist Church evolved into the new millennium inter-denominational body of believers- known as St. Paul Global Outreach Ministries. Within the ministry, several Para-ministries were formed: Judah’s Whelp Youth Academy, Glory 2 Glory Ministries (radio /Ustream broadcasts) Rohi School of Ministry (Bible College), St. Paul Global Media, as well as the St. Paul Global Economic Development Corporation, thus the birth of the St. Paul Global Network.


Bishop McGuire earned Dual Doctorates (Philosophy of Religion/Theological Studies) from the First Bible College of Daytona Beach, Florida. He has earned both a Bachelors of Religious Arts and Biblical Studies from Logos Christian College, and a Bachelors of Religious Arts/Applied Theology from Logos University, both of Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. McGuire is the Founder and Chief Apostle of the One Love Network and the Bishop of the One Love Fellowship, which includes various churches, ministries, and Christian Businesses internationally. 


Bishop is honored to have ordained several Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and has trained/licensed several Ministers, ordained a Youth Pastor, as well as serving as the co-consecration the installation of Pastors.


Bishop McGuire has birthed several training classes, including:

Training in Excellence, MIT – Ministers Intensive Training, Intercessory Prayer/Spiritual Warfare, Principles of Bible Study, along with many other workshops.


During his initial trip to Nakuru, Kenya, East Africa, Bishop founded the “Seeds for Life” adopt a child program, and has partnered to form the “Sakwa-Mac, LLC”, a land/farm/ vegetation training and development corporation in Kenya.


In October of 2004 it was announced that Bishop McGuire would be the Owner, President, and CEO of the newly formed IBL (International Basketball League) Team, The Dayton Jets.


Bishop McGuire also sits on several non-profit boards, and has assisted several entities as a consultant for compliance, quality improvement, organizational management, and leadership. He also served as a consultant both the City of Dayton and Montgomery County in community development and marketplace empowerment initiative. He was founding member of the Community Initiative to reduce Gun Violence (CIRGV), The Community Police Council (CPC), and The Community Police relations Committee (CPR). Bishop McGuire serve and completed in the initial class of the Police And Clergy Together (PACT).


Bishop McGuire has also trained at the African American Pentecostal College of Bishops in Cleveland, Ohio under Archbishop J. DeLano Ellis and Bishop McGuire is in continued training with CFI COLLEGE OF BISHOPS; with CFI Presiding Bishop, Bishop Dr. Vaughn M. McLaughlin, Bishop Van Gayton, Bishop Dennis Golphin, and Bishop Eric Garnes and other instructors.


Bishop McGuire is humbly submitted to his Spiritual Father and Elijah, his Purah, Bishop Vaughn M. McLaughlin of the Potter’s House International Ministries of Jacksonville, Florida.


As overseer of our local assembly he is now preparing for our new campus… as phase 2 of the neighborhood development project to be known as “A Taste of the Kingdom”. The church family has taken worship service to its current 30,000 sq. ft. location, as phase 1, utilizing the facility as a community resource center. Hosting workshops, training, city/county meetings, concerts, summits, and International meetings. The multi-generational campus has also serve as the central office in its initial 5 year inception for Dayton Urban Young Life, in which Bishop McGuire served as the first  Area Director; the edifice also serves as the main office for the Dayton Restored Citizens Summit the historic partnership of the Federal Judicial Courts, County Social Service Agencies, and the Faith-based community.
Bishop McGuire currently is a Staff Pastor and the Director of Discipleship, Outreach, and Evangelism (DOE) of The Potter’s House International Ministries, of Jacksonville, Florida, (TPHIM) where he is affectionately known as PMac (Pastor McGuire). Dr. McGuire is also the Executive Director for Cure Violence Jacksonville/Westside MVP Team, through the TPHCDEC. He also serves as the Coordinator, for the collaboration of Bethune-Cookman University Center for Law and Social Justice and the Jacksonville Sheriff Office, of the Community Safety & Engagement Action Plan. He is the Founder, Executive Director and CEO of The CARES Justice Institute, Inc. Dr. McGuire has worked as a Consultant for the State of Ohio and the City of Dayton in many Community Transformation Initiatives.


Bishop McGuire is a devoted husband to Angela D. McGuire and the father to two sons: Mark Cameron McGuire, Jr. and M.C. Sterling McGuire, III. 


Bishop Mark C. McGuire, Sr. believes that this is the time and dispensation in which God is going to display the greatest level of the manifestation of His Glory since the Time of the First Apostles. The Glory and Anointing is Deep and it is time for the Body of Christ to Flow in IT!!!