In March, 2000, Minister Mark C. McGuire, Sr. joined St. Paul Baptist Church and began working faithfully in order to bring the church and congregation to where it is today. At this time there were only a very few active members. The Emeritus John H. Rice decided to retire in order to allow this young man to continue the Lords work without hesitation.
In January, 2001, Minister Mark C. McGuire, Sr. became our Senior Pastor, Elder John Allen, as associate minister, Rev. Velma Anderson, remained as the Assistant Pastor.   In 2003 this historical baptist church began its transformation into a new millennium inter-denominational body of believers, known as, St. Paul Global Outreach Ministries.  The congregation continued to grow.  And with the addition of several para-ministries, and international missions, we then became the St. Paul Global Network.  We truly have been blessed to receive a servant in God’s name, to continue to lead us into the next dimension in the Lord’s work.
After much fasting and prayer, God spoke to Bishop Mark McGuire concerning a new Kingdom-minded direction for the church.  We were no longer to be St Paul Global Outreach Ministries, but we would become an offspring of The Potter’s House International Ministries of Jacksonville, Fl., under the direction and spiritual guidance of Bishop Vaughn M. McLaughlin.  On February 12, 2012 The St. Paul Global Network became The Potter’s House-Dayton International Ministries,Inc. We are now to develop and labor as “the potter’s house” (Jeremiah 18:3-6).   Not only are we being formed, but we are to bring others to The Potter’s House for God to reshape in His image.  We have heard and accepted the call.  We are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill!  Come and allow God to mend the broken pieces of your life.